Happy Easter!

As always, the Easter holiday arrives with a strange mix of “gosh that was a long term” and “I can’t believe it’s Easter already”. As head teacher, I am hugely proud of all the hard work, commitment and community spirit I have witnessed this term. In particular, I would like to highlight the fantastic contribution our S6 pupils have made to the ethos of the school: leading the reinvigoration of our house-points system; working tirelessly to raise money for school charities; making a major contribution to the recent Mental Wellbeing week… the list goes on! All this whilst continuing to study for their final set of national qualifications and planning for their next steps. We always say S6 is a chance for pupils to give something back to the school, and this S6 have certainly done so, leaving a lasting legacy. They represent the best of North Berwick High School and I am very proud of them.

I wish everyone a very happy Easter (with plenty of revision time for our senior pupils!), and look forward to seeing staff and pupils again on Monday 16 April.

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