Dec 15 2016

Christmas post

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Yesterday, Room 2 took a wee trip down to the post box to post a ‘surprise’ to our parents and carers. On the way we spotted numbers on gates and counted how many Christmas trees we could see. We posted our letters then the postman arrived just as we were leaving. He opened the post box and we could see inside. He scanned the bar code which said he’d emptied the box and put the bag into the van.



“I’m carrying the bag with the letters” (Sam)


“I am posting my letter” (Sam)


“I’m posting my letter in the post box” (William)



“It’s the post van” (Riley)


“I was holding his thing – it told him how many letters to collect” (Jake F-P)

“I’m helping the postman taking the post letters out. He had a key” (Sholto)


“He had a scanner” (Sholto)


“This is the post van”


This is Room 2.


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