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Nov 14 2017

5 Twinkling Stars song

Song sheets for the song are now outside each classroom.
Or download here 6 Twinkling Stars & 5 Little men songs for PARENTS

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Aug 31 2017

Fun with Grey!!!

We read Elmer. IT helps us learn our colours. We still weren’t sure about the colour grey so we did grey paintings. We are also learning a new song which is helping our counting called “One Elephant Went out To Play”

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Mar 10 2017

Making & Using shakers (conducting)

A few children enjoyed filling containers at the gluing area to make shakers. We added different materials for the children to explore and choose to make their own shakers. We talked about the different sounds that the materials made. Ww used the shakers to explore being quiet, loud, slow, fast, etc and to try to keep the beat. A few of us got a chance to the ‘conduct’ the class as they played their shakers. In the days that followed children tried to do this themselves.

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Mar 10 2017

5 Currant Buns

We are learning a new song called “5 Currant Buns” because we have been talking about baking and money. It is also helping with order numbers to 5.

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Feb 03 2017


To help us with our counting we have been singing songs, including “1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive”, “One elephants went out to play” and “5 little birds sitting on a fence”.

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Dec 21 2016

Christmas Carols

Head over to our Youtube playlist to see all the videos from our Carols performance, click here

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Sep 02 2016

Big Red Combine Harvestor Song

We have been enjoying singing the Big Red Combine Harvestor song. We often find children singing it whilst they are playing like in the video below.

If your interesting in singing along with your children check this video out from another school singing it.

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Jun 10 2016

Dinosaur STOMP!!!!

Room 3 PM just joined in with these songs… they LOVED THEM!!!!

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May 17 2016

I’m looking through my telescope to see what I can see…

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May 16 2016

Pirates Ahoy!

Pirate week has started and the children are very enthusiastic with the context of pirates….it’s a great way to continue our learning.

We have been matching pirate pictures, creating stories with the pirate ship and small world pirates, strengthening our fingers by using tweezers to find the treasure, learning new vocabulary by singing new songs and more.

We sang “I’m looking through my telescope to see what I can see, I can see ???? looking back at me” as we found objects in a pirate scene. We will also be singing A Pirates Life For Me Song and When I was one and other Pirate Songs.

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