Careers Update

The S6 talk was delivered in June and you can access it here or  and please feel free to download the Keep Calm booklet which contains information and resources on all post school options. You may find the current S6 advice to themselves here or  very interesting!

In addition to individual interviews I also offer an employability programme every Wednesday period 4 to those students considering employment and college as an option. This programme will only run this term and includes input from visiting speakers. If you want to take part make sure you come along to Mr Hamilton’s room next Wednesday at 12 noon.

The S3 talk was also delivered in June and can be viewed here or and later this term I will offer interviews to all S3 students as part of our Partnership Agreement. You can view the student responses here or

The S5 careers programme will start with group sessions in September and will be posted here.

S1 talks also be delivered this term, in October.

If you have any questions, comments or would like to get involved with any aspects of the careers programme please email at the address below.

Mick Burns
Careers Adviser
Twitter: mickburns2