North Berwick High School 2017 Exam Results

Remarkable Success in our North Berwick High School 2017 Exam Results

Our exam results represent hundreds of individual stories of hard work, success and sometimes disappointment. We both celebrate those individual successes at events such as the school prize-giving, and also work with the small number of disappointed pupils to ensure they find positive ways forward.

As a school, we also pay close attention to the performance of whole year-groups. This year we have seen remarkable improvements. I put this down to our restructured senior-phase curriculum, and to the hard work of our pupils, teachers, parents and other partners. I would like to think that the work we have done with senior phase pupils on effective study strategies has also played some small part!

The graphs below summarise the improvements we have seen in S4 and S5 since 2015, the last set of results in our old curriculum structure.

In particular, I am delighted by the increase in the percentage of S5 pupils gaining 5 Highers, and the number of those gaining 5 A grades. I am also delighted that the percentage of S4 pupils gaining at least 4 National 5 awards has risen from 65% to 79%. I have studied school attainment statistics for many years, and I can honestly say this is an unprecedented scale of improvement. I cannot wait to see how our new S5 build on their successes this year!

Mr Jones