Mental Well-being Week: Screen time videos

This week, we have been focusing on Mental Well-being, with a particular emphasis on what constitutes a healthy amount of screen-time, the impact that too much screen-time and social media can have on our mental well-being and some tips about how to use new technology in a way that lets us access its benefits without damaging our mental health.

Below are some videos that classes have been shown throughout the week. Since no class is likely to have seen all of these videos, we wanted to share them here so that pupils can access them in their own time and so that parents and carers can watch them too. From our point of view, responsible use of new technology and social media is something that we can all work towards achieving through awareness and education so that new technology serves us and not the other way round!

We hope that you enjoy these short clips.

  1. Crazy affects of screen time on your brain (4:13)

  1. What the internet is doing to our brains (3:53)

  1. How is your phone changing you? (3:11)

  1. 5 crazy ways social media is changing your brain right now (3:15)

  1. 6 reasons to take a smartphone vacation (3:35)

  1. Turn off your cellphone – now! (4:32)

  1. Here’s why Steve Jobs never let his kids use an iPad Business Insider (1:07)

  1. The drug-like effect of screen time on the teenage brain (7:31)

  1. Children treated for screen addiction (2:46)

  1. The Effects of too much screen time (1:45)

  1. Tips for healthier screen time (2:15)

  1. Decrease your children’s screen time: Step One (1:58)

  1. I gave up my phone for a month (and this is what happened) (5:20)

  1. Keeping up with snapchat streaks is causing unnecessary stress for teens (4:10)