Senior Phase Work Experience

Senior Phase Work Experience (S4-S6)

For pupils of North Berwick High School, work placements are an important part of our career education programme. We encourage all senior phase pupils to seek a placement with a local employer or organisation during their education.

Pupils are entitled to one work experience week in their school career and this can be undertaken from S4, however pupils can also experience additional, lengthier spells if they wish. During this time, they are treated as young employees of the organisation and are engaged in a range of tasks or duties which allow pupils to learn about the skills and attitudes that employers are seeking. In our experience pupils have found that the placement encourages them to think positively about the qualities and skills that they may need to develop and become more informed about the careers they may be interested in.

Last call for anyone who would like to go on Work Experience during 25th-29th June 2018. There are still spaces on the WORKIT database. Pupils need to use their assigned logins to view the available placements. If pupil has forgotten their login, please see a member of the Guidance Team.

October 2018 Window (Mon 8th – Fri 12th)
Any pupils who wish to go on Work Placement during the October Work Experience Window must have submitted either their Self-Found Placement paperwork or selected an opportunity from the WORKIT database by Friday 31st August.

Details and forms can be found on the school website here.