NBHS Eco Week

This week is NBHS Eco Week and our Eco Committee has arranged a programme of events throughout the week to raise awareness.

** Pupils will be discussing matters relating to the environment in their classes **

**All pupils will watch the film “A Plastic Ocean” and make their own pledges about changes they can make to help the environment **

** Everyone in the school will be making a conscious effort to switch off lights and electronics when not in use and keep classroom doors closed when possible, to see if we can reduce our carbon footprint for the week.  **

** The Eco Committee has put together a display in the main entrance of small, easy changes we can make to help make a difference. **

The pupils will be watching an abridged version of A Plastic Ocean.  The full version can be found here.

How about working out your carbon footprint at home?  Why not try this WWF questionnaire to calculate your footprint and read helpful suggestions on how to reduce it?