Health & Wellbeing Faculty Update

Hockey Staffing

As you may be aware, Claire Parry (Active Schools Coordinator) and Sophie Lovett (PE teacher) will be on maternity leave during the next academic session. Claire will be off until Christmas and Sophie will be off for the full year. We are delighted for them both and wish them well. We will replace them on a temporary basis but it does leave our extra-curricular hockey without two dedicated coaches. We will cover where we can with teaching staff and current volunteers but for hockey to continue as usual, we require a number of volunteers to help coach and manage our girls’ teams. If you are able to help us maintain training sessions and fixtures, please get in touch:

Summer Term

We are planning some exciting events for the summer term and would like to make you aware of them in advance and invite you to support or join in where possible.

  1. Wellbeing challenge – A parent of one of our S3 pupils has been in to speak with us about a wellbeing challenge he is undertaking since suffering Post-Concussion Syndrome. His challenge links to the 5 aspects of wellbeing (give, connect, be active, keep learning, take notice) and we’d like to raise the profile of these within our school and invite the wider school community to embark on their own challenge. We will make all pupils aware of this at the start of the summer term. Please follow the link below for more information:

  1. Activities week – 13th – 17th May. Wellbeing activities will be on offer for S1 and S2 pupils throughout the week and the Health and Wellbeing department have created links with the community who are able to provide taster sessions; trial periods and coaching sessions. During this week, pupils will participate in wellbeing activities as well as the traditional sports day where competition for their respective house continues. S3 pupils will be on the Highland trip or staying with us for activities and the aspects of wellbeing will be at the forefront of their sessions. Senior pupils will be on study leave but can easily sign up for a challenge that may help create a balance in their studies.
  2. Sports Award Evening – We are not entirely sure of the format yet and are discussing a plan for June. We’d like to celebrate sporting success (curricular, extra-curricular and wider achievement) so the school community recognises the efforts and achievements of our pupils and volunteers. There have been so many success stories this year and it would be amazing to celebrate them on a large scale. We are seeking sponsored prizes for this event so if you are able to help, please get in touch:

  1. Community Ceilidh – Friday 28th June. Save the date! Instead of having a whole school ceilidh with just our pupils, we would love to share this wonderful occasion with the wider community – parents, carers, volunteers etc. We are used to running this type of event and think we can share success stories from wellbeing challenges between dances and continue raising money for the school and our charities.