Reminder: Curriculum Structure Information Evening – Thursday 23 May

Curriculum Structure Information Evening, Thursday 23 May, 7pm at Law Primary School

Earlier this session, all parents and carers received a letter from Fiona Robertson, Head of Education, explaining that all East Lothian secondary schools will be moving to a common school day. North Berwick High School intends to make the move to these common timings for school days in June 2020. For us, this means a move from 27 hour-long lessons to 32 50-minute lessons each week.

This change of school day gives us an opportunity to look afresh at all aspects of our curriculum structure. We have looked outward at the curriculum structures of other high-performing schools and have consulted with teachers, pupils and the Parent School Partnership. We have also taken account of the fact that National courses no longer include three formal unit assessments, thus reducing the assessment burden for pupils.

We now have a proposed plan for the new curriculum structure – a plan which we believe will work very well in the new structure. We propose to move from six subjects in S4 to seven, and from ten subjects in S3 to nine. With 50 minute periods, S4 pupils will still have four lessons per week for each subject, and S3 pupils will now have three lessons per week for each subject rather than the current two. We would like to share our new curriculum structure with parents at an information evening on Thursday 23 May at 7.00 pm. Law Primary have generously offered to host the evening, as our school hall is occupied with exam desks.

The information evening will give us an opportunity to share the proposals in detail and to hear your thoughts, so that together we can ensure this change is managed as smoothly as possible for our children and young people.