Homework is an important feature of school life. It allows pupils to develop the habit of study, to plan work within specified time limits and to undertake additional tasks which will be a reinforcement or extension of work done within the classroom.

Homework can take various forms and the type of homework will vary from subject to subject. This will largely be in the form of written exercises for return to the class teacher. Pupils may also be asked to undertake the reading of material in preparation for future lessons. It may take the form of revision of work done in class and it may well take the form of general reading. The development of the reading habit is of benefit to all subjects and not just English.

The amount of time spent on homework will vary from child to child and will depend upon year stage. It is important that the homework habit is developed from first year and we would expect S1 to be working towards at least one hour per night of regular homework. This should increase throughout S2 reaching a level of up to two hours during third year, depending on the particular course chosen. Senior pupils following full academic courses should be applying themselves regularly and consistently to private study for a considerable part of each evening and over parts of the weekend. This is essential if they hope to secure good grades in national examinations.

All pupils are issued with high quality homework diary/planners to help them plan their homework schedules. All pupils receive advice on how to make effective use of their homework diaries.

The school has a clear support strategy in place for pupils who find it difficult to complete home study tasks or hand assignments in on time. Parents will be informed and pupils will be given the chance to complete home study at lunchtime or at close of school.

Where there is a supportive partnership between the school and the home, a pupil’s progress is greatly enhanced. Parents’ active interest in their child’s home study is very much appreciated. Parents can help support the school in this area by checking their child’s homework diary, by helping to set aside a quiet area of the house for homework, by helping the child to establish routine schedules for the completion of homework and by providing a suitable schoolbag.

Parents are asked to let the school know whenever circumstances have prevented their child(ren) from completing the work set. Teachers will inform parents if home study is not completed on time, or if the standard of work done is not satisfactory. Parents’ interest in their child(ren)’s education generally is much appreciated and co-operation between parents and teachers should ensure the most efficient learning by every student without an excessively demanding amount of effort and time.

Parents can also help by monitoring the effect which any part-time employment may have on the ability of their children to complete homework.

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