Moving into the Senior Phase – S4 to S6

As pupils move into S4, then inevitably SQA examinations will become more important, and pupils will move on to a study of National examinations.  Pupils will choose a curriculum in S4 which allows them to follow courses of study in a wide range of areas.  They will also be able to follow increasingly personalised courses of study, including extended work experience, courses in association with colleges and also links with the local community.

As pupils move further into the Senior Phase, in S5 and then in S6, they will continue to study for National awards and also Highers and Advanced Highers.  We also aim to have pupils follow a diverse programme of study, increasingly tailored to their specific needs.

Parents are asked to note that course choices may alter according to changes in roll, staffing or policy and in line with national developments.  Please note also that current courses may not be available when a pupil enters S1, and options currently offered at later stages may not be provided when a pupil reaches this stage in due course.  For S5 and S6 classes, it may not be possible to pursue all subjects through all levels across the National Qualification Framework.