S5 and S6

S5 and S6
The senior curriculum is summed up in the following table. Students choose five subjects at a variety of levels, depending upon their results in S4 and their particular interests.

S4 S5 S6
National 5 Higher Advanced Higher
National 4 National 5 Higher
National 3 National 4 National 5

In each subject area there is the opportunity for all pupils to continue their studies after S4 at a level appropriate to them. Pupils will be able to take a mix of subjects at different levels. For many pupils progress from S4 to Higher will be the normal path from S4 to S5. Success at Higher in S5 will lead to more specialised study at Advanced Higher level in S6. However, care has to be taken to ensure that each pupil’s course will allow him or her to achieve without being over-burdened. As a result, some pupils will follow a five-Highers course in S5 while others may study fewer Highers and follow a mix of National courses. Similarly, in S6 some pupils may follow a two or three Advanced Higher course whilst others may choose to add to the awards they gained in S5 at Higher or National 5 level.

Parents are asked to note that the Course Choice Sheets detailed in the Course Choice booklet describe what is currently available. These may alter according to changes in roll, staffing or policy and in line with national developments. Please note also that current courses may not be available when a pupil enters S1, and options currently offered at later stages may not be provided when a pupil reaches this stage in due course. For S5 and S6 classes, it may not be possible to pursue all subjects through all grades.