Staff and Areas of Responsibility of Senior Staff


The total number of teaching staff employed in the current session (2017/2018) is 80.77 (full-time equivalents). A full staffing list by faculty follows but parents will appreciate that information about staff is subject to change since personnel and numbers will vary from year to year.

Parental contacts will normally be through one of the senior staff in school or through Guidance staff.

The full staff list can be found by clicking here.


All the members of the Senior Management Team (SMT) have a joint responsibility for teaching and learning within the school and for the creation of a good learning environment. This aspect is an absolutely crucial one. Everything we do as a school is determined by its impact on the educational experiences of our pupils. The SMT liaise closely with subject departments. They also spend a considerable amount of time on monitoring the work of the pupils. Individual members of the SMT also have special responsibilities, some of which are detailed below:

Mr R Jones (Acting Headteacher)

Responsible for the continuous improvement of the school and for implementing the educational policies of East Lothian Council. Responsible for all aspects of school organisation and policy.

Mr F McCallum (Depute Headteacher)

Year Head for S1 and S2. Primary cluster / transition. Health and Wellbeing. Citizenship. Community links. Enterprise in Education. Link with Craig House.  Liaison with the Curriculum for Excellence Areas of Health and Wellbeing, Design and Technology and Guidance and Pupil Support.

Mrs A Clubb (Acting Depute Headteacher)

Year Head for S3 and S4. Assessment and reporting. School Timetable. Link with Fidra and Glen Houses. Activities and excursions. Liaison with the Curriculum for Excellence Areas of Numeracy, Sciences, Finance and Computing Science and Hairdressing.

Mrs L Neri (Depute Headteacher)

Year Head for S5 and S6. School communications. SQA Examinations. Students and new staff. Link with Law House.  Liaison with the Curriculum for Excellence Areas of Humanities, International Education, Literacy and Performing Arts.

Mrs L Barker / Mrs K Edwards (job share Business Manager)

Responsible for the administration of the school, including finance and resources, personnel and facilities management.

Guidance Staff
Our Guidance staff are as follows:

Craig House Fidra House Glen House Law House
Mr C Burgess Mr E Orr Mrs G Casson Mr C Stebbing