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Grieving In Exceptional Times

During this time of isolation some families will experience the death of a loved one. It may be due to COVID-19, or it could be completely unrelated. It is natural to want to protect and shield children from death; however, we need to talk to children to help them feel safer.

Please click on the following links for more information:-

Bereavement 1 – Developmental Age and Understanding

Bereavement 2 – Parent Guidance

Bereavement 3 – Staff Guidance

Bereavement 4 – Staff Wellbeing

Bereavement 5 – COVID 19

Free School Meals/Clothing Grants

We are aware that circumstances may have changed for some parents and carers as a result of Covid-19 and this may mean you are now eligible for Free School Meals and/or a Clothing Grant.  If you think this may apply to you, please click on the following link for further information and the forms:

If you need help completing these forms there is support available on the website or, alternatively, please contact your child’s guidance teacher who should also be able to help you via a telephone call/email.

Thnking of College

College as Plan A, B or even C

Are you thinking of leaving school in 4th 5th or 6th year or unsure?
Now is the time to apply to college to secure it as an option just in case your plan A does not work out……
College hopefully will start up after the summer but take the time NOW to apply for this to keep your options open!!!

Please click on the following link for more information

Thinking of College