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School Dress Code

There is an increasing number of girls wearing leggings/jeggings/black jeans to school. As you know, these are not permitted under our Dress Code as they are  deemed to be much too casual for school. Quite a few boys are also wearing jeans. Pupils are being reminded of the Dress Code in assemblies this week, and through a message in register folders. 

I appreciate that some of you may not agree with our approach, but the Dress Code was agreed by pupils, parents and staff following a consultation some years ago. It has been adapted since then with the addition of black shirts, as requested by the Pupil Council. I am seeking the support of all our parents in ensuring that every pupil follows the Dress Code.  That way, clothing ceases to be an issue and our conversations in school can focus on what really matters – learning!

Many thanks in anticipation of your support

Lauren Rodger, Head Teacher

Email and website communication

Emails  –  Gradually, our email contact list of parents/carers is being updated and we hope to have this completed by the Christmas break. We increasingly use email to communicate with families so we are keen to ensure that our contact list is accurate. Please note that our system, SEEMIS, only accepts one main email contact per family. If you wish to change that main contact please let us know.

Website  –  The school website is updated daily so please do check it regularly. Even better, subscribe to the site via the link on the home page: you will then receive an email to let you know what has been posted so you won’t miss any items which may be of interest to you. One such item is the daily pupil bulletin. This bulletin is read out in registration each day and is put on noticeboards around the school. It is an important medium for passing on to pupils information regarding meetings, events, opportunities, deadlines etc. You can access this bulletin via a link at the right hand side of the home screen.

If you have suggestions on how we might further improve communication between school and parents/carers, please do share them with me via email: