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Summary of 2020 Curriculum Structure & Feedback from Information Evening

Summary of 2020 Curriculum Structure, with Feedback from Information Evening

Having consulted with pupils, parents and teachers, and having looked outward at the curriculum structures of a range of successful schools, we have now agreed the S1 to S6 structure for our new curriculum from June 2020. This is just the beginning of our work on curriculum, as it simply lays out the number of 50 minute periods allocated to each area of the curriculum in each year. We will work during school session 2019-20 on planning to deliver the curriculum in 50 minute periods.

Parents and carers attended an information evening earlier on 30 May, at which we talked through the proposals for the new senior-phase (S4 to S6) curriculum structure, and sought feedback. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and the small number of concerns expressed will help us to ensure we manage the change effectively. Feedback regarding the East Lothian Common School Day was more mixed, but again we will reflect on the concerns in order to mitigate any possible issues. We greatly appreciate the support of the parents and carers who were able to attend.

Please click on the links below to view a summary of the new structure from S1 to S6, along with a collation of feedback from the information evening and our responses.

NBHS 2020 curriculum flow chart

Information Evening Feedback and Responses

Curriculum Structure Presentation

Curriculum Information Evening

Thanks to the 70+ parents who attended our information evening last night and gave us such positive and helpful feedback.

Click here to view the presentation.

We are now in a position to confirm that we will be moving from June 2020 to the curriculum structure as described in the slides. We will be sharing a summary of the feedback shortly, along with a summary of how we will use this feedback to ensure the smooth implementation of our new curriculum structure.

Reminder: Curriculum Structure Information Evening – Thursday 23 May

Curriculum Structure Information Evening, Thursday 23 May, 7pm at Law Primary School

Earlier this session, all parents and carers received a letter from Fiona Robertson, Head of Education, explaining that all East Lothian secondary schools will be moving to a common school day. North Berwick High School intends to make the move to these common timings for school days in June 2020. For us, this means a move from 27 hour-long lessons to 32 50-minute lessons each week. Continue reading Reminder: Curriculum Structure Information Evening – Thursday 23 May