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Highers in a Nutshell

The National Parent Forum of Scotland have produced a very helpful set of leaflets on the new Highers in the same “Nutshells” model as the previous “Nationals in a Nutshell” series.  Please use the following link to find out more about this fantastic new resource:

The downloaded PDFs of the  “Nationals in a Nutshell” and “Assessment in a Nutshell” series can both be found within the school information – curriculum section of the website.

New Highers Nutshells – Head Teacher Letter August 2014

Assessment in a Nutshell Documents

These documents, produced by the National Parent Forum of Scotland, will be of particular interest to S3 and S4 parents.  They outline the nature of assessment and give some practical pointers for parents and pupils as to resources for learning and revising for the Nationals.  Please click here to access them.