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Raising Teens with Confidence

The teenage years can often feel like being on a rollercoaster for parents, carers and young people – plenty of highs, lows and uncertainty about what might be round the corner! The many physical, emotional and behaviour changes that occur mean that adolescence can be a time of vulnerability as well as a time of great opportunity for young people.

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Raising Teens with Confidence

German Private Exchange – Request

Looking to improve your German through a private exchange? Pupils from a German school in Bavaria have been in touch and would love to find Scottish pupils who would like to explore the possibility of a private exchange so that you can both improve your language skills.

Does this interest you? If so, please come to see Miss Ritchie for further details. Please note that private exchanges remain the full responsibility of the participants and are run beyond the auspices of the school.

Spanish Exchange – Request for Private Exchange

Raquel, who will be aged 17 in June, has contacted the school as she would like to participate in an exchange with a Scottish pupil in order to improve her English. She likes listening  to music, trekking and walking, taking photos and talking. She would like to make contact with a partner in order to improve her language skills. There would be the possibility of visiting her for a week in Barcelona and of hosting her here in Scotland for a week. In order to make initial contact, please see Miss Ritchie. As always, please note that private exchanges are not the responsibility of the school – full responsibility for the exchange remains with the families themselves.