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School Leavers: Return of Library Books

School leavers and library books

All S6 pupils and S4 or S5 pupils who are leaving school at the end of this term are reminded to return all school library books before their last day.

If pupils are not sure whether they have any items on loan, they can check with Miss Wilson in the school library.  Items can either be returned to the school or to the local East Lothian public library if that is an easier option.

Thank you for supporting your school library in this endeavour to recover all books from school leavers.

Sports Hub / Support from the Start Bursary

The Community Sports Hub is in partnership with Support from the Start to provide a bursary scheme which offers free places and sometimes kit and equipment to ensure that there are no financial barriers to children accessing sport.  Eligibility for the scheme is based on annual income and a child must be referred.  If you would like to find out whether your child is eligible, please contact their guidance teacher. Continue reading Sports Hub / Support from the Start Bursary

Mental Wellbeing Booklet

The week beginning the 19th March marks North Berwick High School’s first ever Mental Wellbeing Week. The week encompasses guest speakers, workshops, and mental health focused lessons and assemblies.  A mental wellbeing booklet has been provided to pupils with the aim of raising awareness of common conditions, opening the conversation on mental health, and promoting positive mental wellbeing.

Olivia Ford & Heather Wightman