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Extra Curricular Hockey & Rugby – Parents and Carers Meeting

We would like to invite the parents/carers of those pupils involved in extra curricular hockey and rugby to a meeting on Wednesday 22nd August at 7pm in the Assembly Hall. At the meeting we will discuss parental/carer involvement in supporting the development of the hockey and rugby programmes at North Berwick High School. Information will be provided on our vision going forward and the opportunities to support our pupils. In order for all teams to participate fully in the 2018/2019 season, we will need volunteers to help.

If you are interested in assisting in any way with other sports, please contact Alan Macdonald, PT Health & Wellbeing.




Sports Hub / Support from the Start Bursary

The Community Sports Hub is in partnership with Support from the Start to provide a bursary scheme which offers free places and sometimes kit and equipment to ensure that there are no financial barriers to children accessing sport.  Eligibility for the scheme is based on annual income and a child must be referred.  If you would like to find out whether your child is eligible, please contact their guidance teacher. Continue reading Sports Hub / Support from the Start Bursary