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SQA Exams 2019

SQA Exams 2019

The SQA final exams run from Thursday 25 April-Friday 31 May inclusive; the SQA final exam timetable can be found here:

Study leave therefore begins on 25 April and will continue until 31 May.  The new school timetable begins on Monday 3 June.

Please note, full study leave does not apply to those pupils who have fewer than 3 National 5 exams.  Pupils who are preparing for 1 or 2 National 5 exams may take a study leave day the day before their exam date.  During study leave the pupils who have fewer than 3 N5 exams will be following an employability and skills for work programme organised by Mr Burgess, Guidance Teacher.

If during study leave any pupil chooses to come into school to study, they must without exception adhere to the school’s dress code and sign in at the school office.  This is an important security requirement that senior pupils must follow.

Senior pupils who are sitting exams will receive their final exam timetables week beginning the 1 April.  Pupils with additional assessment arrangements will have the full details of these arrangements detailed on this final timetable too.

SQA Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service

This SQA service supports candidates who have been unable to attend an externally assessed timetabled examination, or whose performance in an externally assessed timetabled examination may have been fundamentally affected as a result of an incident beyond their control. The service exists to support only those pupils who have suffered an exceptional circumstance, such as bereavement or a medical condition. If a student is unwell on the day of an examination and cannot attend, a note from the doctor must be obtained and the school informed immediately.  It is always recommended that a pupil sits the examination where possible. Sitting the examination does not exclude the pupil from having an exceptional circumstances request submitted on their behalf.

The SQA can only progress Exceptional Circumstance requests where alternative evidence of attainment is available and an estimate grade has been sent to SQA on this basis. The evidence of attainment is sent to SQA within 10 days after the exam for which the request is being made.

Should you have any questions please contact Mr McCallum, Depute Head Teacher.

East Lothian’s Post-results Policy

A copy of East Lothian’s Post-results Policy can be found here. 

Key dates in relation to Post-results 2019 procedures will be communicated to parents before  the Summer holiday.