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Spanish Exchange 2018

At 4.15 in the morning at Edinburgh airport, we were getting really excited about going to Badajoz. We all met inside the airport at the door next to the EDINBURGH sign, except Jack who was late as usual! He eventually turned up twenty minutes late and we got our boarding passes and headed to security. (Mia)

We arrived in Lisbon late morning and it was already beautifully hot and sunny. We then split into smaller groups to explore the city. My friends and I went for lunch and then to look around the shops. Afterwards, in the afternoon, we spent most of our time on the small beach area we found. From there, we had a stunning view of the bridge over the water and also of one of the city’s main squares, where we could sunbathe. Overall, we really enjoyed visiting Lisbon and it was a great way to start the trip. (Isobel) Continue reading Spanish Exchange 2018