S1 Graphics homework

CDT Department

S1 Graphics Homework


All homework should be completed in the

back of your jotter clearly showing the title and date.

Take time to produce your best work – think quality.

Cover your jotter to protect it and also act as a folder for your sheets.

You will use it for all S1 and in S2

Keep this sheet inside your jotters back cover along with the underlay sheet.

If you made a small pocket to hold sheets inside the back cover this would be helpful.


Homework 1 – 2D Rendering a piece of Furniture


Use the techniques which you have learned so far to draw and render the front view of a piece of furniture that you have at home- be careful to choose something that is not too complicated and made of wood.  Use the square underlay grid to help you sketch the overall shape.


Homework 2 – Wrist Watches


Use the techniques which you have learned so far to design and draw a wrist watch.  Use freehand sketching, circle construction, ellipse construction, materials and texture.  Do some research first using catalogues and magazines which carry adverts and details of watches (Argos etc.).

Sketch a few ideas in pencil first then choose your favourite design and then draw it twice its real size and render it.


Homework 3 – Pine Desk Tidy


For this homework you have to design and render a pine desk tidy.

Your desk tidy should be based on a series of pine boxes of different lengths.

In class you should first sketch out several ideas in pencil.

At home select your best idea and draw it out again and render it to look like it is made from red pine.  Try to use the techniques learned in class – thin and thick lines, horizontal line, flash bar and tonal scale.



Homework 4 -2 Point perspective


Earlier in the course you sketched a piece of furniture (assignment 1 ).  Draw the same piece of furniture in TWO POINT PERSPECTIVE.  When you have completed the drawing render it to look as if it is made from red pine. Add all of the features that make it look real – handles etc.