Prelim revision

Revision notes


Higher /I2  Physical Education Prelim



Preparation of the body                  


Part A        *Aspects of physical fitness related to your position

                   *How lack of the aspects affects your performance


Part B        *Methods you used to gather data – be able to describe them

                   *Advantages of each method


Part C        *Describe in full detail your training programme (timetable)

                     Methods of training you used and why you used them

                     Principles of training and how you applied them

                     How when and why you progressively overloaded


Part D        *How you would evaluate whether or not your training has

                     been successful  with examples and data.





Skills and Techniques


Methods you used to gather data.


Identify your strengths and weaknesses.


Programme of improvement.

Principles of effective practice and how you applied them to your programme.


Motivation – influence on your programme




The effect of your programme on your performance.