East Lothian Anti-bullying Policy Consultation

Following an initial consultation on how East Lothian should take forward anti-bullying, a draft East Lothian Anti-bullying Policy ‘Respect For All’ has been produced. We are now seeking parents’ views on the draft policy and would very much appreciate it if you shared your views before we finalise the policy. You can view and comment on the draft policy at


Marie Prior
Anti-bullying Policy Working Group


Rag Bag Scheme

Did you know that we have a Rag Bag Clothing Bank?

It is located in the NBHS car park and as well as encouraging recycling, helps to raise valuable funds for the School.  The next time that you are clearing out your wardrobes, please consider using the clothing bank.

Wearable clothing, paired shoes, handbags and belts are all accepted items, however textiles such as towels, curtains, duvets and pillows are not.  For further information please visit www.rag-bag.co.uk