Home to School Transport Problems – Contact Information

Any problem with Home to School transport must be reported on the day of the occurrence to allow investigation and circumstances to be clear.

Therefore, please use the following means of registering any problem; do not phone the company direct in the first instance.

The main contact is Andrew McLellan, Transport Officer – Tel: 01620 827700 – or email transportservices@eastlothian.gov.uk  

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Family Programme

I would like to let you know about a new service provided by the National Autistic Society. We have just set up a service for Parents of a child on the Autistic Spectrum. We will provide a free telephone advice line, along with seminars across Scotland on troublesome areas such as First Steps, Sensory Needs, Toilet Training, Managing Anger and Teen Life.  After these two stages are well on the go we will also be providing intensive guidance to some families that are particularly struggling – this differs from support as we are there to guide the parent allowing them to become empowered and understand the behaviour and create effective home life strategies.

Please click on the following link for more information: Flyer

Cashless Catering

When using the internet for deposits to the Cashless Catering system the cut off time is 8.00am.  Therefore, provided the transaction takes place before 8.00am, the funds will be available later that morning.  Payments made after 8.00am on a Friday and before 8.00am on a Monday will be credited by 9.00am on Monday.