Qualifications: A Guide For Parents by a Parent

Qualifications: A Guide For Parents by a Parent

Are you confused by current qualifications? Do you know the difference between National 4’s and National 5’s?  Would you like to know the difference between an Intermediate 2 or an Access 3?

From 2010 onwards Curriculum for Excellence is being introduced to all new pupils, and as a consequnce the old and new form of qualifications will exist in parallel for the next few years. 

To help assist parents to understand, the attached guide has been compiled by a Parent for Parents and describes the qualifications that make up all the current course levels your child might come across at North Berwick High School. 

Qualification Explanation Leaflet

With The Curriculum For Excellence shaping education at the moment, this information will evolve, so look out for more information from the school on the website. 

 If you want more information about the qualifications or courses NBHS offers, then the Course Options books, which you receive prior to your child making their choices in S2 and S4 and S5, have lots of information. Hang on to them as you may find you want to refer to them again later. Obviously you can ask teachers your questions. Alternatively, The SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) website www.sqa.org.uk/-  is a mine of information. Not only do they give you exam past papers that you can print off, free, but also descriptions of the break down of each course. You or your child can access it and see what proportion of marks are given for coursework, or even notes on marking guidelines. It’s worth looking at and exploring the range of information available there.