Health and Safety and Road Safety

The Education & Children’s Services Department has prepared statements of safety policy for all areas of its responsibility in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. School staff are fully instructed in their responsibilities in this respect, and safety regulations apply to aspects of school life, both on and off the premises. It is expected that pupils will behave responsibly and comply with all safety requirements. The support of parents in promoting good practice in health and safety matters is of great importance to the school.

In East Lothian there are currently almost 14,500 Nursery, Primary and Secondary school pupils. In 2007, 32 school age children were injured on East Lothian’s roads, three seriously. Nearly 35% of all pedestrian casualties occurred (2007) to children in the 5-15 year age group. East Lothian Council working with Lothian and Borders Police and other agencies are committed to reducing the numbers and severity of road casualties. They have identified a number of important initiatives to help reduce the number of road casualties. These will require a notable change of behaviour by everybody, particularly from drivers in built-up areas.

These initiatives aim to reduce the number of car journeys to and from school by pupils, parents and staff to:
· Encourage children to walk or cycle to school, thereby improving the safety for the pupil on the journey to school.
· Provide pupils and parents with appropriate training to allow them and their children to journey to and from school safely.
· Improve pedestrian safety in and around school.
· Raise awareness amongst pupils, parents, and staff of the wider health and environmental problems associated with increase car use.
· Improve the local environment for everyone by reducing pollution, congestion and addressing safety issues around the school.

The school asks you to review your current or intended mode of travel of travel to and from our school and consider whether or not it should be changed or modified to help the school, pupils, staff and other parents to achieve our aims and reduce the number of child casualties.
(Statistical source: Road Casualties Scotland 2007)