Professionals Visiting School/Information Sharing and Confidentiality

Schools can call on professionals from a number of different agencies/services for help and advice. These include Educational Psychologists, Outreach Teachers, Officers within the Pupil Support Division, School Doctor, School Nurse, Careers Advisor and Social Worker. Formal referral to any of these agencies/services would only take place with the consent of parents/guardians. There will however be occasions when issues may be discussed in confidence without formal referral and therefore without such consent. If parents are concerned about this they should contact the school for further information.

In Secondary Schools individual pupils may be discussed at the School Liaison Group (SLG). This is attended by representatives from the school, Community Child Health, Community Development, Education Welfare Service, Psychological Services, Integration Team and Social Work. The meeting considers strategies to help pupils having difficulties in school. All matters discussed in these meetings are understood to be strictly confidential. Parents are not invited to these meetings in every secondary.