Useful Telephone Numbers

All based at Education & Children’s Services, John Muir House, Haddington, EH41 3HA.

Executive Director of Education & Children’s Services Don Ledingham 01620-827596
Head of Education Richard Jennings 01620-827572
Head of Children’s Services Alan Ross 01620 827881
Quality Improvement Manager, Inclusion & Equality Sheila Ainslie 01620-827572
Principal Psychologist Leisa Randall 01620-827587
Business Manager Richard Parker 01620-827494
Principal Inclusion & Equality Officer Fraser Parkinson 01620-827961
Parental Involvement Act (Parent Forums/Councils) Val McIntyre 01620-827228
Free School Meals and Clothing Grants, EMA’s, Pupil Placement, Home to School Transport Policy Fiona Brown 01620 827415
Education & Children’s Services Reception   01620-827631
Head of Children’s Services Alan Ross 01620-827881
Resource Team Manager (Children’s Services) Robert Swift 01620-827237
Service Manager (Children’s Services) Marion Wood 01620-827881
Integration Team Raymy Boyle 01620-829909
Service Development Manager, Development Team (Planning) Gill McMillan 01620-829910
School Lets Frances McInnes 01620-827811

Scottish Government Education Department

Victoria Quay



Telephone Number 0131-556-8400