Most transfers to secondary school take place at the end of Primary 7 and the large majority of transfers are from the partner primary schools associated with North Berwick High School. We are the district secondary school for five primary schools — Aberlady, Athelstaneford, Dirleton, Gullane and Law (located in North Berwick). Such transfers are normally automatic and parents of Primary 7 children will be informed of transfer procedures by the Head Teacher of their Primary School. However, attendance at an associated primary school does not automatically mean transfer to the attached secondary school, if the family does not live in the catchment area.

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North Berwick Cluster

Welcome to North Berwick Cluster Schools and Starting at North Berwick High School

North Berwick Cluster Transition Information

To ensure a smooth transfer from primary to secondary, the Head Teacher visits all of the partner primaries, to meet the parents of the children of Primary 7. In October, P7 pupils and parents are invited to the S1 Open Afternoon.  Pupils visit the High School and follow their actual timetable during a two day induction programme in June. High School Guidance staff, along with Pupil Support colleagues, visit the primary schools. Parents are invited to an evening meeting in June at the High School to meet staff to discuss additional information or raise questions with regard to transfer. Any parent who is unable to attend the parents’ meeting is invited to contact the school to make an individual appointment.

Mrs Neri (Depute Headteacher) organises the transfer process for P7 pupils.  Parents who wish to enrol children outwith the usual transfer or after the start of the session should contact Mr Jones (Depute Headteacher).