Who’s Who

PTA Committee Members 2020-2021

Julie Cetingoz – Chair

Alison Hardie – Secretary

Julie Smith – Treasurer

Elizabeth Wise – Communications Officer

Alison Kinnie – Prize Draw Co-ordinator

Catherine Amis – Committee Member

Donna Corrie – Committee Member

Tracey Cunningham – Committee Member

Lauren Rodger – Head Teacher

Lara Neri – Depute Head Teacher

Savannah Harper – Depute Head Pupil

Itske Hooftman – Depute Head Pupil

Angus Mather – Depute Head Pupil

We are so grateful to all parents and friends who volunteer at events throughout the year, and couldn’t operate without their help.  If you are interested in helping out at an event, please respond to our appeals on social media, emails sent from the High School, or simply contact us any time at ptanbhs@gmail.com.