SQA Results Service

Parents of exam candidates 2013-14 (“old” S4/5/6) will by now have received information regarding the new SQA Results Services via pupil post.  The sent letter explained the new system of Results Services which replaces Appeals.

The centre can submit a request for a clerical check or marking review if it holds clear and compelling evidence that there is a reasonable possibility that an error may have occurred with the marking or totalling of marks in a candidate’s script. Please be aware that marks can go up and down and candidates must give written permission for such a check to take place.

Please click here for a copy of the letter.

Mrs Rodger and Mrs Moore will be in school to provide advice and support on Tuesday 5th August (Results Day).  Following results, should a pupil need to change their course(s), they can do so before school starts, if space in chosen classes is available, on Thursday 14th August from 9:30am-1pm.  Any pupil can see Mrs Moore in the first instance once they have returned to school, should discussion over courses need to take place.

Further information on the SQA Results Service can be found here: