Your Parent Council

North Berwick High School Parent Council

The Parent Council at North Berwick High School consists of a group of parents who represent the voice of the Parent Forum. The Parent Forum consists of the parents and carers of every pupil in the school. We offer a point of contact, providing a platform for the discussion of general issues raised by parents with regard to the school and pupils’ education.

As well as representing parents, the Parent Council works closely with the school’s Senior Management Team to support the aims of the school. We identify issues where we might be able to add value and help out, and we work together to take these forward. Often, the Parent Council carries out its work through subgroups, which inevitably vary from year to year according to the school’s needs.  Our sub-groups consist of both parent members and staff and we work together, hopefully helping to improve many diverse aspects of pupils’ life in our school. At present, we are focusing on Health & Wellbeing; the revision of the Constitution of the Parent Council; Learning & Teaching; Communications; and Planning & Development, looking at the possible impact of future housing developments on the school.  This session, a number of parents have also joined teaching staff on the school’s Curriculum Development Group.

Our major success stories from recent years include the Parent Council – initiated Careers Fair, which has been held twice in the past three years, and the ‘Life After School’ evening.  Both of these events proved to be incredibly useful, offering information about options for pupils once they leave school.  Each of these evenings was well attended by pupils and was supported greatly by the wider parent forum.

We are fortunate in that all of our meetings are well attended by our Head Teacher, Lauren Rodger, our Depute Head Teachers, various staff members and senior pupils, as well as our local councillors. At many of our meetings we invite a speaker, often a member of the school staff, to explain more about a particular initiative or subject area.

The Parent Council meets six times per academic year with an AGM in September, when Parent Council members are elected by the Parent Forum.  Dates and minutes of meetings are posted on the school website: just click on ‘Parents’ on the Home page and then ‘Parent Council’ to find all the information.  You do not have to be a member of the Parent Council to attend our meetings: we welcome all parents who wish to be involved.  We are a diverse group of people with varying skills and ideas which, hopefully, bring a benefit to the school.

We are trying hard to improve the way we communicate with the wider Parent Forum and are now regularly updating the website with relevant information and links as information comes to us.

As well as encouraging your involvement, it’s important to emphasise that we are a point of contact for parents.  If you have any general issues or concerns that you wish to raise, please do contact us at