How can I get involved?

Parental Involvement

The results from a recent survey of parents indicated that 58% would like to be more involved with the school. This year there are a number of opportunities to get involved in supporting the school, on quite a few different topics.

Currently small groups of parents are actively involved in helping the school by, for example:

(1)  Preparing for growth in the number of pupils resulting from recent local government planning activity across the cluster;

(2)  Consulting on learning and on the development of the curriculum;

(3)  Creating stronger communication links between the school and parents.

The Parent Council oversees these activities and each group would welcome the additional support of a few parents. As well as these two topics, we would also like to represent the views of parents of NBHS on two important local forums: the East Lothian Association of Parent Council Members (an opportunity to lobby the East Lothian Council) and the North Berwick Coastal Ward Area Partnership (an opportunity to represent the views of the school and the parent forum in local planning and other issues).

If you would be able to offer your time to help contribute to any of these topics, or would wish to ask one of the Parent School Partnership members about them,  please email: