Child Protection & Safeguarding

The designated member of staff for Child Protection and Safeguarding is Lara Neri, Depute Head Teacher.   In her absence, it is the Head Teacher, Michelle Moore.  Any child protection or wellbeing concerns should be directed to these members of staff.

In the absence of both members of staff, concerns should be directed to any other member of the Senior Leadership Team or a member of the Guidance Team as detailed below:

Fraser McCallum – Depute Head Teacher
Robert Jones – Depute Head Teacher
Craig Burgess – Principal Teacher of Guidance
Gill Casson – Principal Teacher of Guidance
Euan Orr – Principal Teacher of Guidance
Craig Stebbing – Principal Teacher of Guidance

At North Berwick High School we adhere to the processes and procedures set out in the Scottish Government’s National Guidance for Child Protection 2021 and the Edinburgh and Lothian’s Child Protection Procedures.

Duty Social Work for Children and Families can be contacted directly on 01875 824309.