Dress Code


There is little doubt that a school is judged by the local community on the extent to which its pupils identify with their school through their conduct, through their involvement in school life and also through their dress. We are delighted that our pupils choose to identify with their school by proudly wearing their school clothing, and the support of parents is crucial to the continuation of this aspect of life at North Berwick High School.

School dress is an important feature of the ethos of the school: it helps to set a tone and to promote the idea of dress appropriate for a place of work.   There is also an added benefit when pupils are on trips out of school: the wearing of school dress makes them more easily identifiable at a distance or in crowded areas.  The wearing of denim, football and sports shirts (which are a recognised fire safety hazard), casual sports-type clothing, designer labels and brightly coloured trainers is forbidden.

The school tie for years S1-S5 is black and red diagonally striped. Ties can be purchased through the school office.

The dress code for North Berwick High is outlined below.

S1 – S3

  • White or black collared shirt/blouse
  • School tie
  • Smart black full-length trousers or jeans (no faded or ripped jeans, no leggings) or
  • Smart black skirt (of a reasonable length for school) or black pinafore
  • Plain black v-neck sweater (no logo)
  • Plain black footwear


All pupils are expected to wear the dress code as described for S1 to S3, as well as a black blazer with the school badge. There will be an opportunity for pupils to purchase a blazer through school. (Pupils may choose to wear the plain black v-neck sweater underneath the blazer in colder weather).


In addition, S6 pupils have their own school tie which can be purchased from the school office. They also have red braiding on their blazer.

Guidelines and extremes of fashion

  • Outdoor garments may not be worn in class
  • Shorts may not be worn unless in PE
  • Headwear may only be worn in school for religious or health reasons
  • Jewellery should be kept to a minimum and should be discreet
  • Accessories should be in black only (e.g. no coloured belts).We expect all our young people to maintain a sense of decorum; we will deal with areas of concern with sensitivity.

It is essential that all pupils have a complete change of clothing and footwear for PE, i.e. t-shirt/sweatshirt, shorts, socks and training shoes. Please note that outdoor training shoes should not be used inside the school gyms. Specific information will be given by the PE department with regard to the appropriate dress for games. The department sells gum shields for new S1 pupils and school rugby and hockey tops can be obtained from Gullane Sports or Gannon Sports in North Berwick.