Afghan Truck Terror

17 hours ago in Afghanistan a stolen 4×4 pick-up truck piloted by an Afghan terrorist assassin drove towards, while on fire, Camp Bastion (UK Afghan base).
Its target was Leon Panetta, the US defence chief, who was in a plane at the air field in Camp Bastion at the time. The assassin attacked a few days after a US soldier killed 16 civilians, including 9 children, however he has now been deported back to the USA.
The truck that the assassin was driving was on fire and thought to be carrying incendiary explosive. After it exploded in a ditch, the assassin could not see where he was going as the flames from his truck spread to the windscreen. He then swerved and drove into a ditch; the driver drenched in flames jumped out of the truck before it exploded, security forces have arrested him he has now been treated for fatal burns.

David Cameron has promised there will be an inspection of the camp’s security.


By Alec, Seb, Jack, Adam and Ruairidh