Obama Builds The Bond

David Cameron and Barack Obama are now good friends due to the “special relationship” between Britain and America.

Obama said; ‘Cameron and I have the strongest “special relationship” ever.’

Obama hosted a dinner welcoming the Cameron’s to the United States.
The dinner party was hosted in a large tent in the lawn on the White House.

Obama gave a speech when David Cameron and his wife first entered America, Obama tried to make them feel more at home by using words like “top notch” and “chuffed”. Part of it said: “In war and in peace, in times of plenty and times of hardship, we stand tall and proud and strong, together,”

Obama and Cameron’s friendship was just like any others; Obama took Cameron to a basketball game. It was the National Collegiate Athletic Association game between Western Kentucky and Mississippi Valley State at the University of Dayton sports arena.

What special relationship? It’s clear that America, particularly under the Obama-administration don’t care for the British, particularly the English. Hollywood is full of anti-British references, anti-British jokes like “the Brits got bad teeth” are classic jokes in America and they don’t care much for our military either. So David Cameron and Barack Obama agreed to change this, and to form a “special relationship”. The two allies decided that this would be a right decision possibly this was because in WW2 America had to help out Britain, so perhaps this is why they thought it would be a good idea to work together.

by Rohan, Morgan, Abby and Arran