How We Made The Weather.

We did our weather report based on weather across the UK. We reported the exact weather from today, Thursday 1st March, till Saturday 3rd March. We included the climate e.g sunny, cloudy etc. We also included the temperature in degrees celsius and the overall weather throughout the day and night.

We filmed our weather report in Miss Forster’s English classroom. We used a map of the UK (including Ireland) and weather symbols e.g a sun, sun and cloud etc.

We focused on five different places in the UK. These places were Edinburgh (Scotland), Middlesburgh (Northern England), London (England), Cardiff (Wales) and Dublin (Ireland).

We fully prepared the report before we started to report it. We all had different jobs and contributed a huge amount to the final thing, even though, I was the only reporter. We had four people in our group they were Morgan, Abby, Kirsten and me, Eve.

By Eve 1G2