It’ll Take Your Breath Away

Michelle Stephen 31 committed suicide and killed her 5 year old son, Leon Weston, on the 28th of February. She suffocated him and then minutes later ended her life in the exact same way. She suffocated herself and her son by placing a bag over their heads. They were found dead in their home in Sighthill, in Edinburgh.

The last time that anybody heard from her was when she phoned the school and said that her son, Leon, would not be attending that day. The reason for this was because she was planning their death. Later that day when her husband got back from work he found their bodies in Michelle’s bedroom.

Michelle suffered from severe depression due to the recent death of her father, Jimmy Weir, who died from cancer earlier this year. Michelle did not receive any support, eventually she could not cope any longer; this is when she chose to kill herself.

By Jessica and Rosie