Shot In The Eye, Now I Die








Yesterday David Rathband, a police officer who had been shot in the head by Raoul Moat committed suicide. Raoul Moat was from Newcastle in 2010 he went on a rampage which resulted in him shooting several people, then he went into hiding in the sewage where no-one could find him. Eventually the police found him in a field and after many failed attempts to communicate with him he shot himself.

The Body of David Rathband was found dead in Northumberland. He had 2 children and was struggling with his recent blindness which was the result of being shot at close range by Raoul Moat in the summer of 2010. The father of 2, 44, lost his sight and was fitted with prosthetic eyes. Before the tragic accident there were people on Twitter who were getting worried about the tone of his Tweets. However people did not realise that he would actually go as far as committing suicide.

By Robbie, Euan, Arran and Owen.