Sports Spectacle

England v Netherlands 2-3

For England’s game against the Netherlands rather than the previous captain John Terry leading the team Scott Parker took over this role.

Early in the second half Arjen Robben and Huntelear put the Dutch in the lead. Garry Cahill and Ashley young then lifted England’s hopes in the last five minutes, but Bayer Munich winger Robben took the match winner.

Stuart Pearce is coaching the team until a replacement for Fabio Capello can be found. Peace’s pre-match comment was: “All I am doing is buying the football association sometime” this puts an end to the rumours that Pearce will be the new England manager.

National Football News

Brawl in the conference

Derek Chisora, a Zimbabwean boxer, started a fight at the WBC conference with the British boxer David Haye in Munich, Germany. Chisora has been banned and the ban could be for at least a year. He has also been asked to attend anger management sessions before the WBC will consider lifting his suspension. The WBC reported that: “Chisora’s behaviour was the worst-ever by a professional”.

By Ben and Rohan