Syrian Suburbs Smashed

The 3rd biggest city Homs in Syria, home to 100,000 civilians, has been attacked by the Syrian government forces in an attempt to destroy those who resist President Assad’s regime.

The rebel suburb of Baba Amr is currently under siege possibly from the 4th armoured division commanded by president Assad’s brother Maher.

The suburb of Homs has been sieged for 25 days by Government soldiers; the Rebels have put up strong resistance in the housing developments using makeshift weapons and defences. Reports say that shelling could be heard across the city and that buildings were shaking under intense bombardment. Soldiers have started to sweep the city and an official has boasted that the city will be ‘cleaned’ within hours.
Around 7500 Syrian civilians have been killed since March 2011 and 2000 or more soldiers have died. Most of the city has lost power and an oil line has been set alight.

The rest of the city has lost contact with Baba Amr and the trapped rebels are preparing for a mass attack, the free Syrian army cannot match the Government tanks and have to hide in the buildings. Abu Yaser quotes ‘all we can do is pray for them’.


Syria part 2

By Alec, Jack, Sebastian and Adam.