Rapid Response Engineering Challenge

S2 pupils have been experiencing cross-curricular lessons based on the scenario of a hurricane which hit the Central American country of Honduras. In each subject they have been examining different aspects of disaster response; investigating different methods of disinfecting water in Science; Spanish language skills in modern languages; the challenge of dropping aid into countries affected by natural disasters in CDT and a very special game of softball in PE where different achievements won various resources for Honduras. Every subject rose to the challenge and gave the pupils a wide and varied understanding of the different aspects of disaster response.

After a week of cross-curricular lessons the pupils had an activities day to round off the rapid response engineering challenge. The pupils completed a series of challenges throughout the day, improving their team work and problem solving skills as they went.

Activity 1 – pupils were challenged to build a shelter from canes, plastic sheeting, string and sellotape. The shelter was then tested with water while one team member was inside!

Activity 2 – for this activity pupils were challenged to design a water transport system using a series of pipes, they had to overcome challenges such as obstacles and broken buckets to get the water from one point to the next.

Activity 3 – pupils were presented with two challenges at this base, their first task was to build a water filtration system and their second was to build weather instruments such as an anemometer.

Activity 4 – again this base presented pupils with two challenges, one involved measuring the perimeter of the school using trundle wheels and comparing their measurements to satellite images using google Earth. The other task was based on an orienteering challenge where pupils were also given to opportunity to improve their Spanish language skills.

Some quotes from the rapid response engineering challenge:

“It was great fun; I really enjoyed the build a shelter challenge”

“I enjoyed the lesson in CDT because I liked trying to protect the egg and watching it drop from the quad-copter”

“It was fun learning a different language”

“I enjoyed English because we got to write newspaper articles”

“The organising by the S6s was very good”

“I thought it was a very good day and would recommend doing it again.”

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