S2 Enhancements Choicing 2014

Once you have read all the information and talked to your parents/carers, please complete this choicing form before Tuesday 20th May (you will be asked to log in to your edubuzz account).

S2 Enhancement Options – ROTA 1, WEDNESDAY P5

  1. Holiday Spanish

Do you go to Spain or Spanish-speaking countries for your holidays? Why not come along and pick up the basics to allow you to meet and greet people, buy food in shops and order food.

  1. Forest Schools / Bushcraft

How will you survive when civilisation lies in ruins? Come along to the Bushcraft enhancement course, learn to appreciate the environment and acquire the outdoor skills necessary for a long life in the woods.

  1. 3D Modelling

Think you can sculpt, model and make your own creations? Then come along to Art and you will design your own exciting 3D creations.

  1. Indoor and Outdoor Challenges

Team work, thinking skills – have some fun moving out of your comfort zone through a variety of fun and enjoyable activities! Something different to challenge your body and mind every week.

  1. Electronic Pet

Have fun building and programming your own cyber-pet to behave the way you want it to – yours to keep at the end! Please note – there will be a charge of £4 for this activity.

  1. World Challenge

Want to find out more about the world that you are interested in? World Challenge is an enhancement for you to learn about the ’where’ of your interest. The Olympics 2016 – which countries are competing? Where are the fashion houses? Which countries play rugby? No matter what your interest find out about it. Finally challenge yourself to get to the top of the ‘Traveller IQ’ leader board! 

  1. Technical Theatre

Enjoy theatre, but don’t necessarily want to act?  Like doing technical things?  Are you interested in the production side of theatre?  Then the technical theatre enhancement could be just for you!  Learn how to make a scale model of a stage set, design costumes, learn how to work a lighting board, how to make props and use SFX to enhance a production.  It’s all covered in this fun, hands-on course!

  1. Crocheting

Fancy hooking yourself up with a brand new skill?  Crocheting is a great, rewarding craft because you need to only learn and get comfortable with a single technique. Once you master this you can create hats, scarves, phone covers, mug cozies, toy animals, the list is endless.  Come and have the satisfaction of creating something beautiful with your own two hands.

  1. A Bridge too Far

Civil Engineer, Architect, Builder or Godzilla?  Learn about structures and materials, design and make your own wooden bridge before testing it to destruction!  Learn why some structures fail and look at some impressive building design that is happening today.

  1. Band Jam

Choose a song and learn it!  Choice of guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums and vocals.  You can work individually or as a group. 

S2 Enhancement Options – ROTA 2, THURSDAY P3

  1. African Drumming (JUNE TO DECEMBER ONLY)

Get grooving with those African rhythms on Djembe drums!

  1. Golf

Learn how to master this activity – no previous experience required. Equipment provided.

  1. Fashionistas

Think you could be the next Vivienne Westwood? Or that you can style better than Gok Wan? Then come and have fun with fabrics, keep a fashion file and create your own couture costumes.

  1. Musical Fitness ( JUNE TO DECEMBER ONLY)

Zumba, step aerobics and dance to music – to make you look and feel great!

  1. Alternative Games (DECEMBER TO JUNE ONLY)

Develop your skills in a variety of ballsports – handball, basketball, volleyball, indoor hockey.

  1. Scottish Studies Award – Scotland in Focus Unit

Learn more about Scotland and at the same time gain an SQA qualification at levels 3 or 4. The Scottish Studies Award is a new award available at levels 3, 4 and 5, gained through achievement across subjects plus completion of a Scotland in Focus project. As part of your S2 Enhancement work you have the chance to complete this Scotland in Focus project and potentially gain the Scottish Studies Award.

  1. Ace of Cakes

This will give you the opportunity to learn how to make cakes, biscuits and tray bakes, then decorate these goodies very creatively!

  1. Solving Science Puzzles

Each week you will be given a different puzzle to solve by carrying out a science experiment and using your knowledge of science (don’t worry – help is on hand if you get stuck)

  1. Mixcraft/Music Technology (DECEMBER to JUNE only)

Using the computer software Mixcraft you can produce your own music – using samples in the programme as well as your own recorded tracks.  You can write a song, make up a rap, produce music for film, and there are lots of other possibilities……

  1. Making Computer Games

Making Computer Games will give you important and useful skills in the World of Work including analysis, design, problem solving, production, responsibility, presentation skills, collaboration, team work and communication.  If you enjoy art, music, story-telling and of course programming you will benefit from this course. You will be learning Gamemaker (from YoYo Games) and you will design, produce and publicise a game either individually or as part of a team!

  1. Murderers and Villains in the Past.

Take a step back in time and learn about famous murderers and villains in the past. Who walked those dark, dingy streets hiding and waiting for their next victim?! Find out about famous Scottish murderers like Burke and Hare and Sawney Bean. Head over to ‘London Town’ and find out about Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel murders. How were they punished? Learn out what types of punishment and torture methods were used to deal with these villains. Not for the faint hearted though…you’ve been warned!!

  1. Business Simulations (JUNE – DECEMBER ONLY)

This module will give pupils the opportunity to further their entrepreneurial interests in business related scenarios using software and the internet. The simulations will be enhanced through development work before and after with one of the main simulations focussing on the Stock Market and understanding the influences on share prices.

  1. Magical Metalwork

This class will allow you to get creative in designing and making your own piece of jewellery using fine metal crafts and learning the skill of enamelling.