Pupil Support (Guidance) Staffing 23-24 – from 4th September onwards

Following our recent recruitment, I am pleased to be able to share details of our Pupil Support (Guidance) faculty for 23-24 as follows. 

Craig House – Mr Craig Burgess Mon- Weds – and
Ms Sophie Lovett – Thurs-Fri –

Fidra House – Mrs Alison Thayne –

Glen House – Ms Margaret Maxwell –

Law House – Ms Samantha Cunningham –

Please note that Ms Maxwell (Glen House) and Ms Cunningham (Law House) join us on Monday 4th September.

Until then, Mrs Lovett will be the key contact for Craig House, Mrs Thayne for Fidra House, Mr Burgess/Mr Jones for Glen House and Mr Stebbing/Mrs Clubb for Law House.

Each House has a Depute Head link as follows:

Craig House – Mrs Clubb/ Mr Burgess
Fidra House – Mrs Neri
Glen House – Mr Jones/Mr Burgess
Law House – Mrs Clubb

Our should continue to be used for all correspondence and enquiries in the first instance – this allows us to direct queries to the best and most appropriate staff member.