The goal of Kindness Day is that everybody in the UK performs at least one act of kindness or good deed the same day.

Cool to be Kind Day – 13th November 2011 and Every Year!

Act Against Bulling, a registered charity, has announced that the ‘Cool to be Kind Day’, part of the ‘Cool to be Kind’ campaign will be held on 13th November from now on! The campaign offers an upbeat approach to the unsavoury subject of bullying and is perfect for schools.  The slogan is ‘Don’t be Rude, Don’t Exclude, Don’t Push In and Don’t Hurt to Win’. Visit Act Against Bullying’s homepage to find out more about and download resources to have your own successful ‘Cool to be Kind Day’.

Kind Kid Awards – 13th November 2011, Kindness Scotland

Kindness Scotland, a member of the World Kindness Movement, are holding their annual ‘Kind Kids Awards’. To find out more about this, please visit

“Every act of kindness is potent and lingers long in the heart of the recipient.”
Gary Lineker (October 2011)
“Kindness is a universal language regardless of age, nationality or religion.”
Sir Alex Ferguson CBE (October 2011)
“Kindness is at the heart of the work that hundreds of thousands of local charities throughout the UK do everyday. Kindness Day UK is our opportunity to return that kindness back to them. Be it an hour of your time, a skill or £10 donation, let’s work together on 13th November to show local charities how much we appreciate the kindness they show to our communities all year round.”
Marcelle Speller OBE(October 2011)
“The eminent medieval Rabbi Hillel said “If I am not for myself who, will be for me? If I am for myself alone, what am I?” That’s my idea of the very essence of kindness. Love, Vanessa xx”
Vanessa Feltz (October 2011)
“We have many choices to make in life, some more challenging than others, making a choice to be kind is easy! We can choose to smile at people we meet, it’s free and it’s a great way to show kindness and bring more happiness to everyone! Smile and you will see! x”
Camilla Dallerup (September 2011)
“Kindness costs nothing and it can give immense pleasure”
Peter Snow (September 2011)
“Nature enriches and sustains our lives – Love Nature and be kind to the planet.”
Dr Mike Clarke – Chief Executive, RSPB (September 2011)
“Not many of us are in a position like Henry Wellcome to leave a large sum of money for research or to make scientific discoveries and medical breakthrough ourselves. Acts of kindness, however, do not have to be on this scale and I hope that “Kindness Day” encourages us all to help others in any way we can.”
Sir Mark Walport, Director of the Wellcome Trust (August 2011)
“I think it’s really important to be kind, especially to people whose lives are grim – I try hard to cheer people up in as many ways as I can – if all else fails – I tell ’em a joke!”
Jo Brand (August 2011)
“Kindness Day? Kindness Day? Do you suppose if we were kind and enthusiastic for centuries uninterruptedly, that someone would create ‘Nasty, Indifferent Day’?”
Dr. Patch Adams (August 2011)
“Kindness is a value central to everyone at WaterAid and something we see demonstrated daily in our work overseas. It is the kindness and compassion of communities that ensures the long term success of water and sanitation projects.”
Barbara Frost CE WaterAid (July 2011)
“It’s kindness that helps people cope with a crisis”
Sir Nicholas Young – CEO, British Red Cross (July 2011)
“As families across the country struggle to make ends meet, a little kindness can go a long way in these difficult times.”
Kay Boycott – Director of CPC, Shelter (July 2011)
“Kindness literally makes a world of difference to people with a learning disability. If we built our systems and institutions – and even society – around offering kindness first and everything else second, this would benefit not just people with a learning disability but all of us.”
Mark Goldring – Chief Executive, Mencap (July 2011)
“Kindness is to selflessly reach out to others from our own vulnerabilities.”
Dr John Low CBE – Chief Executive, Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) (July 2011)
“Through my work at the Katie Piper Foundation, I’ve seen how the smallest of kindness can make a difference to someone’s life. Even a simple smile instead of a start can lift someone’s heart.”
Katie Piper – Katie Piper Foundation (July 2011)
“Kindness Day is a wonderful initiative. Its aim is to make the world a better place for mankind, animals and the environment. Get involved – do something special and help make a difference.”
Caroline Barker – World Animal Day (July 2011)
“Be kind. It doesn’t cost anything.”
Billy Murray (January 2011)
“Kindness Day should be everyday of your life.”
Patsy Kensit (October 2010)
“I love the quotation from Charles Kingsley The Waterbabies – “Do unto others as you would be done by,” it could so easily read “Be as kind to others as you would like them to be to you.””
Vincent and Flavia (October 2010)
“Be kind to your garden and be gentle on your back!”
Alan Titchmarch (October 2010)
“Wishing kindness and compassion to all living creatures.”
Brian Blessed (October 2010)
“I think we ought to have a kindness year, or a kindness century.”
Jilly Cooper OBE (September 2010)
“Being kind costs nothing. Be kind to someone and that kindness will always return to you.”
Kavita Oberoi – Managing Director, Oberoi Consulting (September 2010)
“Just imagine a city known for it’s kind people. Thats a city where I’d want to live.”
Emma Harrison CBE – Chairman, A4e (September 2010)
“Kindness is a highly underrated quality.”
Pam Ferris (September 2010)
“Every act of kindness is a little bit of love we leave behind.”
Noel Edmonds (September 2010)
“There can be no greater act of kindness than to help others when your own world has been destroyed.”
Dame Barbara Stocking DBE – Chief Executive, Oxfam GB (September 2010)
“A simple kindness can light up a miserable day and is, in itself, a reward.”
Prof The Rt HON Sir John Major KG CH (September 2010)
“Kindness is like mercy: it blesses him that gives and him that takes”
Prof Lord Richard Layard (September 2010)
“The joy of giving far outweighs the pleasure of receiving.”
Peter Cullum, Executive Chairman – Towergate Partnership (September 2010)
“Kindness should be at the centre of everything.”
Charles Kennedy MP (September 2010)
“People never forget an act of kindness.”
Adrian Barritt, (September 2010)
“Kindness is the essence of being a good human being. It transcends race, religion, nationality or culture. And it costs nothing!”
Dilwar Hussain, Policy Research Centre (September 2010)
“Every day should be kindness day.”
The Rt Hon David Blunkett (September 2010)
“It doesn’t cost a penny to be kind and the reward is priceless.”
Arlene Phillips (August 2010)
“Be kind. Do good. Change the world for better.”
Louise Burfitt-Dons (May 2010)
“No one good deed is better than another.”
David Jamilly (June 2010)