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When: November 21st every year.
Where: Bulgaria.

This is the day of the most terrible lame wolf, who ate people. On this day you must not comb your hair, wear a new shirt or wash your clothes. Don’t sew, don’t knit and do not cut bread with a knife.

Wolves have played a mystical part in the history of Bulgaria right as far back as the Thracians who paid homage to the wolf as a great warrior king of rascals. The wolf is both revered and feared and many people, places and villages take their name from the wolf.

Bulgarians believe that the nights between the 14th and 21st November are evil nights in which a man can catch all sorts of diseases after dark, and so late at night people don’t leave their houses. It is said an old and ugly woman writes down the sinners in her book and strikes them down with her stick.

The last night (21st November) is Koutzoulan – the most Terrible Wolf day and this day is steeped in superstitions to avoid bad luck and illness befalling a person.

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